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Friday, March 2, 2007

Its another Raning Day

Spent the whole day trying to figure out how my FYP is gonna progress... Think I must start doing my report liao, else i might have another year to go, hahah

Anyway, since I am already in my final yr, might as well take some pics of my room before I leave the hostel.

Ooh Yah, thats my room, puny single room in Hall IV. And you see the window at the top picture? Well, thats where girls like to peep in and see what I am doing, whahaha.

Well, just a few pics to make my blog more colourful.
Maybe i will have more stuff in future...


Its 5.45am

This is crazy, its already 6am in the morning and yet I am still up reading HTML codes on how to improve my blog site. Should have paid more attention to my computing class...

Anyway, I am sooo tired, think I will do abit of my FYP first before sleeping.

Wonder how this blog will work out... hmmm

First post...

I just read YC's blog, then I know my sis also has a blog... now I am starting one too..

Seriously, i should be doing my FYP now!

Anyway, the purpose of this blog?

- to distract me from other distractions

Anyway, let me think of how i should start the blog first before I carry on postin!


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